Historic Background

The Esoteric Science spread first in the Far East where all the sacred manuscripts had been kept by the successors of the great sages. There, the “Great White Brotherhood” was founded as the first brotherhood on Earth. Anyone who aspired to acquire the knowledge of man in all its branches had to gradually rise in knowledge, experience and self-development until he ended up in there, in the Far East. After studying and “graduating” from the “Mother University” mentioned above, he would have to follow in the steps of his teachers, and it would be his duty to go forth into the world to enlighten his fellowmen and guide them to the Path of Truth, the Path which comprises Matter and Spirit, for the purpose is to make man whole in the knowledge of himself and all around him.
In this manner the Esoteric Science started to spread beyond the frontiers of the Far East, in the old times. Yet, wherever it reached, it remained secret and inaccessible except to the true disciples whose goal was Humane Perfectness and the return to the Creator. This could be achieved only in accordance with the Divine Plan which had predetermined the Return Path.
Because of the then prevailing political conditions, the Esoteric Science spread in all parts of the world in disguised forms. In the Middle East, it appeared in the form of spiritual and divine teachings (religions). In the Near East, through physiognomy, telepathy and mysterious mental powers. In Greece as philosophy, numerology and architecture. In ancient Egypt through the secret of immortality, the mysteries of construction and through “magic” or the control of natural forces (elementals). In Mesopotamia through astronomy, astrology and the mysteries of space. In some European countries, the Esoteric Science appeared through psychology and semantics. It also appeared in the American Continent through controlling the natural elements and the animals. All those branches of knowledge were only masks behind which was hidden the true face of the Esoteric vast scientific knowledge… whether man realized it or not!
Nevertheless, the real science of the inner man was not taken outside its original abode except in complete secrecy and never came out into the open except with the dawning of the twentieth century.

Why The Esoteric

In the distant past, the Esoteric Science or the science of the inner self, was the only concern of man; since self-knowledge was the sole knowledge he yearned for and worked hard to attain. Man became aware of this yearning to know the secrets of the self ever since he became self-conscious. The intensity of feeling would wax or wane depending on the culture and civilization of the particular period. Yet, the nature of that feeling never changed, and the yearning never abandoned the human soul.
Man, in that distant past, had the intuitive or spontaneous realization that through the knowledge of the self he would gain knowledge of nature and the universe, and eventually of his Creator. Nevertheless, man in general did not keep to that path of inner development long; he deviated gradually by dint of adverse conditions, or because of clinging to the material world… and he lost the opportunity to attain self-knowledge, the loftiest and most comprehensive knowledge which joins the knowledge of Matter and Spirit as one.
Realizing his inability to know himself, due to giving up the right humane path, man started to seek knowledge outside himself. He sought the knowledge which his senses would procure. He turned to the study of nature and matter, of stars, planets and space. This marked the outset of straying from the right path which had nearly conducted him to the objective of his existence. Man’s consequent indulgence in materialistic desires and physical lusts only served to imprison his mind and to keep it from proceeding towards the depths of his being.
Despite his absorption with material knowledge, man kept feeling the necessity of knowing himself, and the importance of delving into the unknown secrets of his being. He knew that no mundane science could fathom the depth of his self… and that everything orbited around himself. Yet, man himself was far off from understanding himself. He was preoccupied with understanding matter, and the composition of matter… until he got himself caught in its fake appearances, and submitted to its shackles and temptations… assuming that knowledge of matter is the one and true knowledge!


The Esoteric Science is derived from the ancient knowledge, and goes back in its origin to the very beginning of human existence. Its main concern is the whole being of man, its more specific field is the hidden and invisible constituents of the human being — not to shed light on them, but to put them into practice, so that man realizes their existence. Since man is regarded as the pivot and the starting point, it is therefore imperative that he attains self-knowledge. Thus the Esoteric Science proceeds from the knowledge of the self (which is attained through a practical and systematic application of an inward process) and expands to include all knowledge. This means that each of the human sciences, be it physical or mental, psychological or spiritual, is in fact an integral part of the Esoteric Science.
The Esoteric Science is, therefore, an inner path that goes through the objective consciousness, penetrates the innermost recesses of the self (the subconscious and the unconscious) to reach the True Self and discover the latent Truth which is the source of everything. It is not theory, or after theoretical knowledge, but is an inward process which leads to knowledge through practical and personal experience. This cannot be stressed further as it is one of the most basic principles of this distinctive applicable science.
Self-knowledge will lead man to self-realization, and will, gradually, teach him how to gain a deeper and more extensive comprehension of all the mundane sciences — in as much as he expands and deepens the knowledge of himself.
It is the aim of the Esoteric Science to conduct every human being to the consciousness of the True Self within, and to the discovery of his Reality. The process makes him aware of his dormant energies gradually.
When this is achieved, the Esoteric Science will have fulfilled its mission which is consciousness in evolution and evolution in consciousness. Thus man becomes a master or a super human being.