The Esoteric, the Science of Knowledge, and the Knowledge of Science

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-23-9

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 Science in itself does not evolve, but it evolves the means by which it gets introduced to knowledge… enabling it to arrive at certain facts. On the other hand, knowledge in its absolute sense is a secret and an enigma: the secret of the man who has much and asks for more, and he who owns all without an aim of saving any.

What’s new in the Esoterique is that it stimulates higher mental thought which forms the basis of the development of more exact scientific means, as well as encourages the evolution of culture and civilization, all adding up to the unfoldment of human consciousness which in turn is reflected in man’s daily life affairs.

The subjects of the book formed the basis of the lectures on the Esoterique delivered in Lebanon and several other countries, and were also debated and discussed at special conferences with men of science and experts in other fields of knowledge. Of course, the truths presented met with approval and open-mindedness on the one hand, and criticism or inquiry on the other.

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